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Spying dispute warns China, US citizens will be arrested


  • Dispute between China and US over scholars related to Chinese military is increasing
  • China warns that it will arrest American citizens living in its place
  • Chinese officials have warned US officials in this regard through several channels.

The dispute between China and the US over scholars related to the Chinese military is deepening. China has warned the United States that it may inherit the American citizens living here when the US Justice Department pursues a case against Chinese military scholars. US newspaper Wall Street General gave this information on Saturday.

The American newspaper quoted people associated with the matter as saying that Chinese authorities had warned the US government officials in this regard through several channels. The newspaper said that China has given a message that the US should end the trial in the US court against the Chinese authorities, otherwise US citizens living in China may find themselves guilty of violating Chinese laws.

FBI Arrests Three Chinese Citizens
Earlier, on September 14, a warning issued by the US State Department regarding a visit to China said that the Chinese government could detain American citizens and ban their exit. China’s move aims to negotiate with foreign governments. The Chinese embassy in the US has not yet issued any statement in this regard.

Let us tell you that the Trump administration of America has many times alleged that China is running cyber campaign for the theft of American technologies and military information so that it can leave America behind. On the other hand, China has denied these allegations of America. Earlier in July, the US Department of Justice said the FBI had arrested three Chinese citizens. They have been accused of hiding information about membership of the Chinese military while applying for a visa. The US abolished the visas of one thousand Chinese citizens last month.


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