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Pakistan agitated for sending terrorist Azerbaijan against Armenia

In the ongoing war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, there are allegations against Turkey and Pakistan that these two countries are sending terrorists from Azerbaijan to fight Armenian troops in the war. Pakistan is furious after this charge. He has not only supported Azerbaijan but has accused Armenia of spreading propaganda. Let us know that more than 600 lives have been lost in this battle and both countries are accusing them of inhuman action against each other.

‘Always stand with Azerbaijan’
Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement saying that it is regrettable that the leadership of Armenia is trying to hide the action against Azerbaijan with the help of irresponsible Propaganda. Pakistan has always given diplomatic, moral and political support to Azerbaijan. Claiming brotherhood with Azerbaijan, Pakistan has said that it will always stand with Azerbaijan and support the right to self-defense against any aggression.

Video: Syrian terrorist fighting for Azerbaijan, Armenia released evidence

‘No wonder’
Speaking to a news portal, Armenia Deputy Foreign Minister Avet Adonte said that the possibility of Pakistan’s militants fighting alongside militants in Azerbaijan cannot be ruled out. He said that it would not be a surprise. He had said that Pakistani citizens were present in 1990 when the Nagorno-Karabakh war broke out.

A ruthless face of Nagorno-Karabakh war, Azerbaijan beheads soldiers like ISIS terrorists

‘Turkey provoked war’
Aivet also criticized Turkey for sending jihadists to Azerbaijan, claiming that Turkey had instigated and planned the war. It is being told that Pakistan is also helping in this mission of Turkey and its terrorists are very active in this area. It is being claimed in the news that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is working to unite these terrorists and send them to Azerbaijan.

Thousands of dreaded terrorists from Turkey and Pakistan Syria sending war to Armenia

Accused of beheading soldiers
Significantly, Armenia has alleged that her soldiers are being brutally beheaded. Not only this, such pictures have also come out in which Armenian soldiers are seen beheaded separately. Earlier Armenia released the video claiming that Azerbaijan has called terrorists from Syria to attack it. Now the pictures of beheading after killing are claimed to be circulated on social media, the way the terrorist organization Islamic State is seen, which is strengthening Armenia’s claims.

The fierce war in Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh turning into a pile of ash

Azerbaijan city transformed into ruins

Azerbaijan city transformed into ruins


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