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China ancient civilization: evidence of 8000 year old civilization found in China, many theory fail to be considered first - breakthrough discovery in china as 8000 year old site confirmed

Archaeologists have found evidence of humans settling here in Shijiang, China 8000 years ago. The discovery was made during the construction of a factory in Jingtushan, Yuao City. Earlier it was believed that the Hemudu culture here may have been 7000 years old, but recent discovery has indicated that the site may be 7300-8300 years old. After years of research, archaeologists have come to the conclusion that the site is spread over 8000 square meters 5-10 meters below the ground level.

Nearly 500 years of civilization
Pottery, mud weapons, bones, wood and animal remains have been found during the excavation. Professor Sun Guoping, the leader of this team, has said that the things that have been studied from here show that our ancestors must have lived in this area for 500 years. Earlier Hemdu was believed to have played a large role in Southeast China because the Yangje River near which it was found, and the Yellow Sea, has developed Chinese civilization.

Will be able to get answers to many questions
However, now evidence from Jingtushan has been found that the way people built and lived here was quite different from Hemadu. Along with this, there is a chance to know about earlier times. The special thing is that with the help of this, it can be found out what the effect of climate change has been here in the last 10 thousand years.

Help in second mission
The team designed steel structures using conventional methods and excavated them to a large extent buried at depth. The team says that this discovery is also important from the academic point of view. With this help, work will also be done on another mission in coastal China. From this, information can be gathered about the ancient history of the place.


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