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New Zealand PM Jasinda Ardern wins majority in election


  • New Zealand Prime Minister Jasinda Ardern wins election
  • For the first time any party got an absolute majority in the country
  • Jasinda will become PM for the second time with a huge victory
  • The battle was also won by Corona, earthquake, terrorist attack

New Zealand Prime Minister Jasinda Ardern, who won the country against the Corona virus, has also won the election with an overwhelming majority. The election was earlier scheduled to be held on 19 September, but was postponed due to the second wave of Kovid-19. For the first time in the history of the country, such a party has won such a huge victory, and with this Jasinda is ready to take charge of the country once again.

Highest support in 50 years
Ardern’s center-left Labor Party received 48.9% of the 87% vote. Jasinda said after the victory that the country has shown the highest support to the Labor Party in 50 years. He said that a difficult time is yet to come in front of the country, but the party will work for every countryman. The main opposition National Party received just 27% of the vote, its worst performance since 2002.

Jasinda was discussed all over the world
During her tenure, Jasinda became known worldwide for many reasons and leaders of other countries were being asked to learn from them. During his tenure in New Zealand, from terrorist attacks to natural disasters caused havoc and eventually he was faced with the corona virus epidemic. Jasinda was greatly appreciated for dealing with all these successes. Especially, when the big countries of the world are kneeling in front of the corona epidemic, then disappearing from the country is said to be a big reason for their victory.

Unilateral majority for the first time
The last parliamentary election was held on September 23, 2017, as reported by Xinhua. The parliament was dissolved on 6 September, to officially pave the way for elections. Since the inception of the parliamentary system known as Mixed Member Proprietary Representative (MMP) in 1996, no party has won a unilateral majority in New Zealand.

Professor Jennifer Curtin of the University of Auckland told the BBC that there have been similar situations in the past, where a leader was most likely to win a majority, but this did not happen. He said, “When John was the leader, the opinion poll showed his probability of 50 percent of his vote, but it did not happen.”


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