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Donald Trump and Joe Biden in US presidential election

New York
Presidential debates in Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump were canceled amid intense campaigning for the US presidential election. The two leaders then decided to hold a town hall event. The special thing is that more people watched Biden’s program than President Trump.

Backward trumps despite three channels
The Nielsen Company said that Biden’s Town Hall was watched by one crore 41 lakh people on ABC between eight and nine o’clock at night, while Trump’s program was watched by one crore and 35 lakh people on NBC, CNBC and MSNBC. It was believed that Trump’s program would see more people as it was being broadcast across three networks, but it did not.

Trumps are not paying attention as before
As elections are getting closer in the US, President Donald Trump is also getting colored in the electoral color. Now he is not giving priority to corona virus. This can be gauged from the fact that earlier, where Trump was seen every day on the podium of the White House with his workforce related to the Corona virus, now it does not seem to be happening. Instead, he is seen to be more interested in elections.

Most people died in the country
Apart from this, the first Vice President Mike Pence and the officials of the workforce used to inform Trump immediately after their meetings, but this is not happening now. The White House also did not say when Trump last met with officials from the workforce. While Corona virus infection has killed 2,15,000 people in the US, on the other hand, Trump is asking people not to give more attention to the virus.


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