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Asian countries News: Why is China shaving the hair of Uygur Muslim women?  American NSA gave reason - why is china shaving the hair of uyghurs muslim women in xinjiang, us nsa says something close to genocide

China is going to do some genocide again in its Muslim-dominated province of Xinjiang. US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien claimed that China is doing something akin to genocide to treat Muslims in its Xinjiang region. For this, the Chinese administration is also shaving the heads of Muslim women held captive in large detention camps.

America uses the word ‘genocide’ for the first time
No major US official has yet accused China of massacres like the one in Xinjiang. For the first time, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien has used the term in the Aspen Institute’s online program. It is believed that many legal implications of this term will also be removed and strict restrictions can be imposed on China.

China calls Detention Camp a vocational training center
According to the UN report, China has kept more than 1 million Jiga Uygur Muslims imprisoned in detention camps in Xinjiang province. Many human rights organizations allege that China is committing genocide here and it is a crime against humanity. While China has been denying these allegations since the beginning. He says that camps in the region provide vocational training, which helps fight extremism.

Eight million Muslims imprisoned in detention camp of China, intelligence documents revealed

China is sending the goods made of Muslim women’s hair to America
The NSA said that American border custom has recovered large-scale products made from human hair from Xinjiang. He alleged that the Chinese government was shaving the hair of Uygur Muslim women imprisoned in these camps and making products from them and sending them to America. In June, the US US Customs and Border Force reported that they had seized a shipment of hair products and goods coming from Xinjiang. There was a possibility that it was prepared by imprisoned Uygurs in Campo, Xinjiang.

China is forcibly sterilizing Muslims
China is already forcibly sterilizing and aborting Uygur Muslims. In the far western region of Xinjiang, some experts are calling the campaign for the last four years a kind of ‘demographic carnage’. Interviews and statistics show that the province asks women of minority communities to undergo regular pregnancy checkups, forcing them to undergo intrauterine devices (Intrauterine Device, IUD) in addition to undergoing sterilization and for aborting millions of women.

China set up 400 detention camps in Xinjiang, 8 million Uygar Muslims living like hell

China calls it a vocational training center
However, Chinese leaders deny this. They call this Detention Camps a vocational training center. According to the Chinese government report, 415,000 Uygur Muslims were imprisoned in southern Xinjiang from 2014 to 2019. Many of these people are also imprisoned more than once. In total, more than 80 million people are currently detained in detention camps in China.

What is the trend of Muslim countries including Pakistan
No Muslim country has so far openly opposed China over the atrocities on Uygur Muslims. Not a word has emerged from the mouths of Muslims around the world, from the mouths of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan. All these countries do not want to fall prey to China’s enmity. However, their attitude towards Muslims is very strict in any other part of the earth.

China continues to oppress Muslims for Haj, 42 new rules issued

America took strict steps on Uygur case
On July 9, the US banned three senior Chinese Communist Party officials for human rights abuses of Uygur Muslims. The US had already warned of stern action against China. It is being said that the US is also planning to take action against many other Chinese officials.

China is forcibly contraceptive to reduce the population of Uygar Muslims

Who are Uygur Muslims
The Uygurs are a Turkic community living in Central Asia whose language Uygur is also very similar to the Ottoman language. The Uygurs are inhabited in Tarim, Jangar and part of the Tarpan Basin. The Uygurs themselves call all of these areas as Ugistan, Eastern Turkistan and sometimes Chinese Turkistan. The region borders Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India as well as China’s Gansu and Chinghai provinces and the Tibet Autonomous Region. In China, it is known as Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and the area is about one-sixth of the area of ​​China.


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