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Asian countries News: Chinese bomber shows for the first time with anti-ship ballistic missile, India-US will have difficulties?  - chinese bomber h-6n seen with ch-as-x-13 anti-ship ballistic missile, new threat to us navy

China has deployed an anti-ship ballistic missile on its nuclear bomber H-6N. Since 2017, the US intelligence agency has had reports that China is building two types of air launched ballistic missiles. This is the first time this Chinese missile has appeared with its H-6 bomber. Very few countries of the world have such technology. In such a situation, the difficulties of Indian and US Navy can increase.

America’s problems will increase in the sea
Controversy is high in the US and China on many issues. American Navy warships and aircraft carriers arrive near China on a day to day basis. In such a situation, this missile of China may threaten the US Navy. The greatest feature of such a missile is that it gives the enemy the least time to react. While launching the ballistic missile land and sea variant, the enemy gets information.

Defense experts divided opinion about missile
The US intelligence agency named this missile CH-AS-X-13 in 2019. Many Chinese defense experts call it China’s DF-21D missile. Whereas, this missile looks like China’s DF-17 because its front part looks like hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV). No official information has ever been shared by China about this missile.

China Bomber H-6N

How powerful is this missile
It is a two-stage solid fuel-fired missile. Which has an operational range of about 3000 km. It is also claimed that the missile is capable of carrying the nuclear warhead. This missile is also called the air launch variant of the DF-21D. The DF-21D missile is more than 30 feet long and is capable of hitting 2000 kilometers. Therefore this missile can be launched from the ground.

China Bomber 01

India does not even have this technology
India also does not have the technology to launch anti-ship ballistic missiles from the air. However, DRDO is working to build such a missile. Which can be launched from the air. So far India has been able to acquire the technology to fire BrahMos cruise missile from its Sukhoi-30 MKI. Because, ballistic missiles are heavier and longer than cruise. In such a situation, they also need a long plane to launch.


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