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Rest of Europe News: Pakistan not improved 73 years after Operation Gulmarg, still haunts Kashmir: European think tank - 73 years since operation gulmarg, pakistan continues its attempt to seize, destroy jammu and kashmir, says european think tank

Regardless of Kashmir, Pakistan may shout at any stage, but the whole world knows its reality. Now a European think tank has also said that it has been more than 73 years since the launch of Operation Gulmarg of Pakistan to take over Kashmir immediately after independence, but its nefarious act is still going on. Let us tell you that on midnight of 21-22 October 1947, the Pakistani army started this operation to capture Kashmir in the form of tribes.

European thinktank remembers fresh attack
The European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) has once again reminded Pakistan of the barbaric atrocities in which 35 thousand to 40 thousand people died in Kashmir. Pakistani army personnel who met with the tribesmen had created a fierce situation in Kashmir. The Pakistan Army, which claimed to be the so-called contractor of Islam, had done the most atrocities on Kashmiri Muslims.

First and foremost attack on Kashmiri identity
The thinktank said that this day will be remembered as the first and the heaviest day for the elimination of Kashmiri identity. As a result, the Line of Control (LoC) prepared by the United Nations came into existence. According to the think tank, Operation Gulmarg was conceived in August 1947 under the command of Major General Akbar Khan.

22 Pashtun tribes were involved in the attack on Kashmir
22 Pashtun tribesmen were involved in this attack with the Pakistani army. Political and strategic analyst Shuja Nawaz, who lives in Washington DC, lists 22 Pashtun tribes who were involved in the attack. Apart from Major General Akbar Khan, those who planned the attack included Shaukat Hayat Khan, a close chief of Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Sardar Shaukat accepted the truth
Sardar Shaukat Hayat Khan later admitted in a book The Nation that Lost It’s Soul that he was appointed as the supervisor of the Kashmir operation. 3 lakh rupees were also given by the then Finance Minister Ghulam Muhammad for this operation. Major General Akbar Khan had decided that an attack on Jammu and Kashmir would be launched on October 22, 1947. All Lashkar (tribal fighters) were asked to assemble in Abbottabad by 18 October.

Massacre of 11 thousand Kashmiris on first day
EFSAS said they were taken in civil buses and trucks at night. So that no intelligence is leaked. The intruders massacred about 11,000 residents of Baramulla on October 26, 1947 and destroyed the power supply Mohra power station in Srinagar. After which Sheikh Abdullah described the invasion of the United Nations in 1948, saying that the attackers killed thousands of our people.


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