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Asian countries News: Chinese media tells Nepali land, Apna targets, India targets - China encroacment in nepal territory in humla

China first occupied Nepalese land for two kilometers and now its official media is calling it its own. Not only this, Jinping’s puppet media has blamed the Indian media for this whole controversy. In order to suppress the feelings against China arising in Nepal, its official media is now clarifying the matter. Global Times has written that China is being accused of building a building in Humla district of Nepal. But, repeated surveys have proved that China has built these buildings on its own land, not Nepali land.

Claims of construction in sugar sector
The Global Times wrote that these buildings are built in a newly constructed village in Burang County in the Tibet Autonomous Region of Southwest China. Quoting from Burang County Foreign Relations Office Director Becky, the Global Times wrote that military and local professional surveying and mapping personnel carried out a detailed mapping of the area before starting construction in May. This ensured that these buildings were constructed on the Chinese side.

There was no clash with Nepali army during construction
He said that this village named Ali comes completely in China. He also said that the nearest building also remains one kilometer from the Sino-Nepal border. He also said that the construction work of this village has now ended. It is believed that China is constructing new villages and settling its people and capturing the land of others. He claimed that during this construction there was no clash of Chinese soldiers with the Nepali border security forces.

Pro-india told opposition party who disclosed possession
In a survey of Nepal’s Nepali Congress, it was found that these buildings were built on Nepali soil within 12 to two kilometers. However, it was rejected by the Nepali government. Now the Chinese media has clarified that the new village has been built between Pilar 11 and 12. Therefore, there is no question of crossing the border. Not only this, the Chinese media has also accused the Nepali Congress of supporting India.

China did not occupy Nepal’s land? Opposition leader exposes Oli government’s claims with evidence

Nepali survey workers told non-professionals
The Global Times wrote that surveyors in Nepal are less trained and non-professional. That is why they are making mistakes in determining the limit. Giving clarification, the Global Times said that pillar numbers 11 and 12 are located at great distance from each other and at very high altitudes. In such a situation it is common to make mistakes while setting limits. He said that there is a possibility that the Nepali survey team made a technical error. The newspaper said that after the Chinese and Nepalese governments set their limits, they have conducted three joint border inspections and had no problems.

Nepal made another border out post on China border near Trijunction area adjacent to Sikkim

China accuses Indian media
Chinese government media Global Times accused the Indian media that some Indian media is exaggerating the incident to incite Nepalese sentiment. He also said that the Indian media is also linking these buildings with the Sino-India border disputes. Quoting the statement of Nepal’s Ambassador to China Mahendra Bahadur Pandey, the Indian media may have been biased, or misled by spreading fake news and propaganda. Cooperation between China and Nepal is natural and friendly.


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