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Rest of Europe News: Terrorist beheaded teacher for showing cartoon of Prophet in France, shouts 'Allahu Akbar' - terrorist beheaded teacher for showing cartoon of prophet mohammed in france, shouts allahu akbar

In France, a teacher beheaded on Friday was killed in a terrorist encounter. It is being claimed that this 18-year-old terrorist had raised the slogan of Allahu-Akbar before attacking a teacher of history. The teacher was accused of showing a cartoon of Mohammed Saheb to his students while teaching the text of freedom of expression. Politics has also become hot after this ruthless killing in France. Today, French President Emanuel Macro himself is about to visit the dead teacher’s house.

President Macro said – This history is murdered
The debate over religious freedom has once again erupted in France after the teacher was strangled to death. President Emanuel Macro has called it “history killing”. He said that the terrorist has attacked against the Republic of the country. He swore that these people would not be able to divide France.

Four people arrested
Police arrested four people, including a minor, in connection with the incident. All the arrested accused belonged to the attacker. Police is questioning these people. It is believed that these people also have a direct connection with the head-bending incident of the teacher. These people also helped the accused to escape after committing the murder.

Video of encounter viral
A video of the terrorist’s encounter is also going viral, which has been filmed by a local citizen from his house. Many police vehicles are seen in it. However, terrorists and policemen cannot be clearly seen due to the garden fence. In this video, the police are heard chasing the terrorist and asking him to throw his weapon. When the terrorist pointed his gun at the policemen, the police shot him.

Terrorist was from Chechnya
It is being told that the terrorist was from Chechnya, Russia. Since then, Russian intelligence agency and police are also investigating the matter. Chechnya is a troubled region occupied by Russia. Where the Islamic terrorists keep fighting the guerrilla war with the Russian army every day. A large number of Russian soldiers are always deployed to establish peace in the region.

Sharley Abdo attack recall
The incident comes at a time when the hearing of the 2015 Charley Abdo attack in Paris is underway. That terrorist attack was also angered by the printing of cartoons of Prophet Mohammad. Not only this, after the trial of the case began this year, the magazine again published cartoons that threatened al-Qaeda that the 2015 attack was not the last.


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