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Pfizer will apply for use of corona virus vaccine in November

US President Donald Trump had claimed that the Corona virus vaccine would be approved before elections in the country. However, the company that Trump had relied on has made it clear that she will be able to apply for the vaccine for emergency use only after the second week of November, not before the election. This may shock Trump’s claim, which is a comforting news for those waiting for the vaccine.

Trump claimed
It is for the first time that a company has claimed the vaccine’s achievement in a timely manner, while President Donald Trump has claimed that the company will prepare the vaccine first and foremost by the November 3 elections. He asked the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to act fast. After this, there was also a concern that science should not be compromised under political pressure.

Vaccine possible in last week of November
The company says that it is waiting for the final stage data of its vaccine to confirm the vaccine’s effectiveness, safety and eligibility and increase production. Pfizer will apply with German partner BioNTech SE in the third week of November only if the results are positive. The company has not yet said whether the application for approval will be given in other countries.

How does it work

It is an mRNA based vaccine. In this, genetic material of the virus is injected into human cells. This material makes the protein that is present in the corona virus and the immune system recognizes it. BioNTech has previously tried to find a cure for cancer with this technology. Data from early trials in the earlier stages were seen to produce antibodies and T-cell responses using the vaccine.

Trial in many countries
If this vaccine is successful, a $ 2 billion deal has been signed with the US government to deliver 100 million doses by December 2020. Apart from the US, its second and third phase trials are to be conducted on 30 thousand people in Brazil, Argentina and Germany. The company is trying to supply 1.3 billion doses by the end of next year.

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