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A man beheaded by a Prophet Mohammad's cartoon

Two more lives have been lost in the controversy over Prophet Mohammed in France. In Paris, the capital of France, a man beheaded his child’s teacher because he showed a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed to the children. After this the person started shouting slogans. Later, he also tried to intimidate the police who reached the spot by showing a gun and later succumbed to the police bullet.

Annoyed at showing cartoon of Prophet
According to the news of DailyMail, the teacher had recently shown the Prophet’s cartoon to the children, due to which this person was angry. He reached in front of the teacher with a knife and cut off his head. When the police reached there after getting the information, the accused was present there. He escaped from the scene by showing weapons to the police. Arriving about two miles away, he again showed the gun to the police and refused to surrender.

The newspaper quoted the source as saying that he pointed the gun at the police, after which the police shot him. Around 10 gunshots were heard from the scene. Authorities investigating the incident have termed the accused as suspected terrorists.

Prophet Mohammed’s cartoon re-printed, al-Qaeda threatens Charlie Hebdo for 2015 attack

Sharley Abdo attack recall
The incident comes at a time when the hearing of the 2015 Charley Abdo attack in Paris is underway. That terrorist attack was also angered by the printing of cartoons of Prophet Mohammad. Not only this, after the trial of the case began this year, the magazine again published cartoons that threatened al-Qaeda that the 2015 attack was not the last.


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