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4 medicines of corona virus or no effect or little effect

The World Health Organization (WHO) says a large-scale worldwide study of Kovid-19 treatment has provided ‘conclusive evidence’ that Remdesivir medication has little effect on critically ill people It has not proved to be effective at all. This medicine was used for treatment when US President Donald Trump fell ill, after which the discussion about it intensified.

Trial on these four drugs
The WHO on Friday announced the results of its 6-month-long Solidarity Therapeutics Trial. The purpose of this test was to find out how ineffective the currently available drugs can be in the treatment of corona virus infection. The study revealed that the drugs used in treatment Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, Lopinavir / Ritonavir and interferon had little or no effect on the Kovid-19 patients.

Allowed in america
The US has classified the Remdesivir drug used in the treatment of malaria for use in the treatment of Kovid-19 under special circumstances. Also, the UK and the European Union have approved this drug for the treatment of corona virus infection. Professor Martin Lendre of Oxford University said the WHO study of hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir was in almost the same direction as the study he co-led in the UK.

Pfizer has given good news
He said in a statement that the most important conclusion came out of the WHO study that remadecivir has no significant effect in the treatment of Kovid-19. On the other hand, US pharma firm Pfizer has announced that it can apply to get permission to use its Corona virus vaccine by the last week of November.

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