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China threatens to separate Sikkim from India on Taiwan issue


  • China agitated over the interview of Taiwan’s foreign minister
  • Now the editor of Global Times threatens India directly
  • Said separatist forces can support in Northeast
  • Can take such a step, can separate Sikkim

China has been deeply enraged over the recent increase in support of Taiwan within India. Fearful of the participation of an Indian in Taiwan’s National Day earlier, China has now started questioning the media here. At the same time, his intention to break India is also coming to the fore. When Taiwan’s foreign minister was interviewed by the Indian channel, the editor of China’s propaganda newspaper Global Times has directly threatened that if this happens, then China can take action to separate the northeast from India.

‘Northeast can separate’
Global Times editor Hu Shijin tweeted, ‘India’s social forces are playing on the Taiwan issue, they should know that we can support separatist forces in northeast India and isolate Sikkim. In these ways we can retaliate. Indian nationalists should think about themselves. Their country is fragile.

China is threatening, Taiwan is never part of it: Foreign Minister Joseph Wu

Global Times editor threatened

Global Times editor threatened

China objected
Significantly, India Today interviewed Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, in which he said that Taiwan was never part of China. He also appealed to the international community to accept Taiwan’s existence. After this, the Chinese Embassy in India had raised objections and said that the One-China policy has been violated due to Taiwan being given a platform.

Taiwan told the world the truth of China was a drag on Indian media, the embassy raised objections

BJP playing with fire
At the same time, before this, Global Times was also angry at the posting of the post of Taiwan National Day by BJP leader Tajinder Bagga outside the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi. The Global Times had said that it was like playing with fire and this would deteriorate the already deteriorating India-China relations. The Chinese newspaper said that the ruling BJP of India should stop behaving like fools and understand that it is playing with fire.
Taiwan Poster: Global Times Threatens, BJP Playing With Fire, Quits Foolish Behavior

44 new bridges found in the country in the border areas, China will be inundated by seeing!

Global Times editor threatened

Global Times editor threatened


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