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Unapproved experimental corona virus vaccine in China

The number of experimental vaccines for corona virus infection in China is increasing. In one city, it is being offered to the common people, on the other hand, a company is offering it to the students going abroad for free. The city of Jiaxing, south of Shanghai, is offering people a vaccine made by SinoVac.

It was announced on Thursday that groups facing greater risk, including those who are ‘necessary to continue the normal functioning of the city’, will get priority, but those who need it emergency They can also come. The vaccine is being administered at 46 pounds (about Rs 4300). The vaccine is the last stage of a clinical trial, but has not yet been approved.

Students for free
The local government said that it is being made available under the Emergency Authority. Another China vaccine company, China National Biotech Group, is offering its vaccine free to students studying abroad. Currently Chinese pharmaceutical companies have five vaccines that are in the final stages of testing.

Arnold Chan, an expert at the National Taiwan University on Drug Regulation, said that it is the manufacturers’ responsibility to get the latter’s information from those who have been vaccinated, and not to do so is irresponsible and not in line with international standards.

Five vaccines in the last stage
CNBG has informed on its website that more than 1 lakh 68 thousand people have signed up for the vaccine and out of these 91 thousand people are being considered for the vaccine. However, it is later removed. A total of five Chinese vaccines are under final stage testing but have not been approved for the general public.

The government accelerated these two preparations related to the Corona virus vaccine

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