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Special photos from 16 October 2020

The fire caused by the terrible drought in Argentina’s C√≥rdoba is now turning into a catastrophe. A firefighter fights with his flames.

War with courage, not with weapons

Violancellist Sevak Avanesyan performing Krunk of Komitas while sitting in the rubble of a ruined church in the ongoing war between Azerbaijan-Armenia. The church was devastated by the Azerbaijan force attack twice on 8 October. The death toll in the ongoing battle between Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan has crossed 600. Despite the declaration of a cease-fire led by Russia, soldiers and civilians of both countries have died in the ongoing fighting. Nagorno-Karabakh military officials said that 16 of their military personnel died in combat on Tuesday. With this, 532 soldiers have died in the fighting that started on 27 September.

Demand for continued democracy in Thailand

Pro-democracy protests continuing in Thailand. People are on the streets against the military rule and imperial government that followed the coup. After the coup in 2014, Thailand’s military overthrew democracy and freedom of expression. The chief leader of this coup and former army chief Prayut Chan-o-cha is now the Prime Minister of the country. The anger of the protesters is highest against them. Pro-democracy activists say that the gap between rich and poor is deepening in the country.

Amazing artwork

Performers of Hungarian famous circus dance company ‘Recirquel’ perform on stage. Hungarian art director Bens Vaigi has directed the show Solus Amor at the Budapest Arts Palace.

This is how pro-democracy found

Canadian Foreign Minister Francoi-Philippe Champagne and Belarus’s Leader of the Opposition Svetlana Tikhanoskaya addressing each other at the hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania. Svetlana is followed by Lithuania in Lithuania. Philip described the presidential elections in Belarus as bogus and expressed support with Svetlana. On the people’s protest after the election results, Svetlana said that even though I have lost the election, I have no courage. My struggle against dictatorship will continue. Accusing them of rigging the election results, he said that it was decided by the crowd that rallied in my rallies that people wanted change, but this was not allowed to happen.


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