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taiwan foreign minister interview: India, China & Taiwan Latest News: China Objects Interview of Taiwanese Minister by India


  • Indian media took interview of Taiwan’s foreign minister
  • Joseph Wu said in an interview that China was never Taiwan
  • Appealed to recognize Taiwan’s existence from all over the world
  • Embarrassed China, has expressed official objection with India

China, by creating territorial disputes with many countries, asserts its claim on the whole of Taiwan. Many times his army warships enter Taiwan’s airspace and also perform strength. Even China treats countries that are closely related to Taiwan. Recently, when the Indian media showed soft attitude towards Taiwan and gave it a chance to raise its voice, the dragon has gone through this exasperation.

‘Violation of China’s One-China Policy’
China’s Propaganda newspaper Global Times quoted the Chinese embassy as saying – ‘Chinese Embassy in India interview of Josiah Joseph Wu, head of’ Foreign Relations’ Department of Taiwan authority of some Indian media, who openly ‘Taiwan’s independence’ He has severely violated the One-China policy and instigated China’s bottom line.

It has further been told that the Chinese Embassy in India has expressed its objection to India and appealed to the Indian media not to give the platform to those seeking Taiwan’s independence and to avoid giving the wrong message to the people.

Taiwan Foreign Minister’s Interview
Explain that in an interview with India Today, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said that in this part of the world, Taiwan is not the only one having trouble with China, Japan is facing problems in East China Sea where China is infiltrating into the sea, Countries near the South China Sea are also having problems. The dispute is also going on along the India-China border. Joseph said that the international community and institutions should seriously think about Taiwan’s existence.

China is threatening, Taiwan has never been its part: Foreign Minister Joseph Wu

‘Taiwan was not part of China’
Joseph clearly stated that Taiwan is out of China. He said that many countries feel that China has a One China policy and that China leads Taiwan but historically Taiwan has not been a part of China since 1949 when the Chinese Republic was established. He said that China cannot lead Taiwan, only the government of Taiwan can. People here have the right to represent themselves in the world.

Chinese army is afraid of these missiles of Taiwan

Global Times tweeted

Global Times tweeted


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