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Dead creatures arriving on the island's coast in Russia

Dozens of aquatic creatures have been found dead on the beach in Paruschir, Russia’s northern Kuril island. A large number of aquatic organisms are dying here. This is the second incident this week to find so many dead octopus. Earlier, octopus, c urchin, crab and shell were spotted on 12 October. People around it are shocked and upset. A similar day was also seen in a village on the west coast of Kamchatka. At the same time, in September also, the local surfers informed about this. (Photo Credit: Anna Strelchenko / TASS)

Appeal to the world’s scientists

Kamchatka Governor Vladimir Solodov has said about the incident that something big is being seen here and its scientific truth is yet to be ascertained. Vladimir has appealed to international researchers from universities in the US, Japan and China to investigate the environmental crisis. He has said that the research group engaged for this work will work on the results obtained from the scientists from far away and their theory. (Photo Credit: Anna Strelchenko / TASS)

There is a reason

So far Russian scientists are giving the reason behind this crisis to Red Tide. It arises due to the activating of toxic algae and causes death of aquatic organisms. Andrea Adrianov, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, points out that a large number of micro-mosses have been found in water samples. It releases poison while growing. This reduces oxygen in water and kills organisms. (Photo Credit: Anna Strelchenko / TASS)

Red Tide is the only reason


Alexei Ojarov, director of Kamchatka’s Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, says that this theory is not confirmed yet but it is likely. It will now be investigated for what reason has activated the moss. However, many scientists say that unless the poison of moss is found in the bodies of dead organisms, then this theory should not be considered as correct only. (Photo Credit: Anna Strelchenko / TASS)

Is there any reason for pollution?

Amidst all this, the discussion of releasing harmful garbage from the Kosalski and Radigiano Military Waste sites has also started intensifying. Apart from this, claims for damage to the environment due to volcanoes or ships are also being made. Scientists currently reject them. In fact, the Russian Investigative Committee has started a criminal case for the damage to the eyes of the famous surfer May Rudick. He was training outside Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on Khalakatirsky Beach. Around 400 surfers train here and dozens have reported complaints of eye damage, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, head and throat pain. May herself also posted a video of yellow foam on the coast. (Photo Credit: Anna Strelchenko / TASS)

(Source: Siberian Times)


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