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Penguin mummy found in antarctica

In 2016, when Dr. Steven Emsley studied the Penguin colony near the Italian base Jukeli station in Antarctica, he decided to move around. They came to know that a penguin stool was found near Scott Coast but there was little to no active penguin colony in that area. The last time the region was written about 100 years ago, when there was no mention of the penguin. When Steven arrived, he found a lot of pebbles there. Seeing these, Steven realizes that there is something big hidden here.

Colony hidden under pebbles

Actually, pebbles are difficult to find in the dry areas in Antarctica. They are only available when Adelie Penguin is also present here. They use pebbles to build their nests. After this Dr. Steve himself saw the penguin’s stool. At last he was seen dead penguin. Their wings were still attached and the body was still rotting. Surprised by the presence of Penguin Colony in this area, Dr. Steve took these relics and took them to carbon dating.

Centuries old mummy

Carbon dating revealed that these penguins may have died 800–5000 years ago. Then Dr. Steve understood that feces, feathers, bones, and stones had been buried under snow for centuries. What she got was actually Penguin’s mummy. They were never seen before because they were hidden by snow. It is being estimated that after living here for thousands of years, Penguin colony suddenly came to an end here about 800 years ago.

The colony disappeared due to fast ice


Dr. Steven has told about this discovery in the journal Geology last month. He says that due to the fall in temperature, there will be fast ice here which remains in summer. Because of this, the Penguins would not have been able to form a colony here. The melting of ice in Antarctica and rising sea levels have forced the Penguins to explore elsewhere. Dr. Steven hopes that Penguin can return here. It may be helpful for them to have pre-existing pebbles here.


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