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Asian countries News: Vietnam: part of hill collapsed on security forces rushed to rescue people buried in landslide, 13 killed - many rescuers dead after vietnam landslide

Ha Noi
In Vietnam, part of the hill fell on top of the security forces who were rescued by landslides. Due to which 13 people including 11 soldiers died due to being buried under the rubble. This accident was so frightening that only eight people of his team could get out alive after saving their lives. Many security personnel are feared buried under the debris.

Additional personnel posted
Additional companies of security forces have been deployed at the scene for search and rescue operations. Many big officials of the government are also monitoring the situation. All the ambulances in the vicinity have been called on the spot to reach the injured soon. At the same time, hospitals have been kept on high alert.

This is how an accident happened
Army officials were resting at a forest ranger outpost on Tuesday, when a part of a hill collapsed, which hit the outpost, Vietnam News reported. Only eight of the team managed to escape. They were on their way to the construction site of a hydroelectric plant in Thua Thien-Hue Province where dozens of people went missing in a landslide.


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