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How effective is remadecivir in the treatment of corona virus, WHO told the truth

The World Health Organization has made a big disclosure about the impact of the drug of the US pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences. This drug is being used in many countries around the world to treat people infected with the corona virus. In India too, this medicine is being given to corona infected. The drug was also used to treat US President Donald Trump who was recently infected with Corona.

Remedesvir did not show much effect
Now the World Health Organization has said that the remedies of the drug corona virus in Solidarity Trial have little effect on patients. This drug is also not reducing the days of infection of patients. At the same time, this drug has not proved effective in saving the lives of serious patients.

WHO tests a total of four drugs
The WHO has reported that a total of four drugs were tested during the Solidarity trial. All these drugs are being used to treat corona virus infected patients in some country. In this trial, the effects of hydroxychloroquine, anti-HIV drug combination lopinavir-ritonavir, and interferon, in addition to remadecivir, were investigated.

Test on more than 11 thousand people from 30 countries
During this trial, the World Health Organization examined the effect of this drug on 11266 adult patients from 30 countries. After which it was found that this drug is not able to exert any significant effect on the corona virus infected patients contrary to its claim. This has not reduced their death rate either.

Two drugs have already been banned
World Health Organization scientist Soumya Swaminathan said that hydroxychloroquine, an anti-HIV drug combination lopinavir-ritonavir, was already banned when the drug showed no effect during this test. It is believed that this research may soon be published in a medical journal. This will give official recognition to this test.

How does Remdesvir work?
Remadecivir is designed in such a way that it prevents the virus at the stage of replication. This is the stage when the virus starts making its own copies in the body. Those copies then make their copies and gradually the transition progresses.

Experts said- Remdesvir can be fatal for kidney and liver patients

How is replication?
Once the virus enters a cell in the human body, it releases its genetic material. It is copied with the help of the old mechanism of the body. Various human proteins, virus proteins and interactions between them play an important role at every stage of infection. In the replication stage, an enzyme named RdRp forms a copyase. Researchers at the University of Alberta have called it the ‘engine’ of the corona virus.

How does Remdesvir attack enzymes?
In order to prepare your copy, the raw material from the RNA of the virus has to be processed. When the patient is given ramdesvir, it mimics some of these materials and joins the replication site. Gradually, Remedisvir is left in place of the material and prevents the virus from replicating.

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