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Asian countries News: Did Xi Jinping get corona?  Repeated cough stops Chinese President's speech - xi jinping violently coughs throughout speech, prompting speculation on his health coronavirus chinese president

The market of speculation about the health of Chinese President Xi Jinping is hot. On Wednesday, the Chinese president repeatedly appeared coughing during an event in Shenzhen near Hong Kong. His cough increased so much in the last 10 minutes of his speech that he had to stay for some time until his address. However, the government media there has not released any report on Jinping’s health.

Live speech had to be stopped due to cough
Jinping’s speech was being telecast live on the government TV channel CCTV. When he started coughing, the TV channels repeatedly started biting his coughing visuals. However, during this time, his coughing sounds were heard in the audio. A visual also appeared in which Xi Jinping had his hands on his mouth.

No official confirmation of corona infection
In the audio, President Jinping was also heard strangling with water to clean his throat. Since then, rumors have been spreading rapidly that Chinese President Xi Jinping has been infected with the Corona virus. However, it has not been officially confirmed yet. Hong Kong’s democracy support Apple TV has also claimed that Jinping has gone back to Beijing postponing his visit due to cough.

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Jinping seen without mask among people
The Epoch Times in its report has directly questioned whether Chinese President Xi Jinping is infected with Corona? He arrived in Shenzhen during a visit to southern China. Here, he was seen wearing masks among the people. However, during this time he was seen standing at some distance from the people.

China’s ‘international disrespect’ due to Corona, people said in the survey – Jinping does not trust

Is China hiding anything?
There are officially more than 10 corona virus cases being reported every day in China. However, many experts doubt this figure from China. For the first time, China has projected its growth rate to be low. There is a suspicion that China is sharing false information by hiding the actual data.


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