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america news: three-year-old daughter shot in father's head, accuses person sitting in car - father shot by his 3 year old daughter in car, co passenger charged in connection with shooting

A three-year-old daughter in Tennessee, US, is accused of shooting her father in a car. The police have accused the deceased’s friend of sitting in the car with the daughter in this case. Police have said that the accused intentionally let his daughter play with a weapon to kill her friend. The accused do not even have a license for this weapon.

Friend murdered 3-year-old innocent
The case is from the city of Memphis, Tennessee. Police said in the petition filed in the court that the deceased was going with a woman in his car. Her three-year-old daughter was sitting in the back seat in the car. On the way, he also took his friend of 26 years, Alante Jones, in the car.

A handgun intentionally kept near the girl
After sitting in the car, Jones took out his handgun and placed it on the seat. He placed the gun so close to the little girl from where he could pick it up. The girl also picked up the gun due to curiosity and started playing with it. During this period, a sudden fire broke out and started going into the head of the person driving the car.

The person died on the spot
The person driving the car died on the spot due to the bullet. After which the police arrested the accused Jones on the basis of the woman’s statement. In the interrogation, Jones admitted his mistake. After which the police has filed a chart sheet in the court in this case.

The weapon of the accused was illegal
The police also alleged that the accused did not have any valid papers regarding the recovered gun. Therefore, it is a case of willful murder. At the same time, the accused has also been accused of illegally possessing weapons. The hearing of the case has been scheduled today.


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