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america News: Chinese rocket narrowly escapes from Russian satellite collision, a major disaster averted in space

The danger of a collision between a Russian satellite lying idle in space and a defunct Chinese rocket has been averted. Experts warned that if this collision occurs, it will create thousands of pieces of debris in space. Which could also threaten satellites and international space stations of other countries. Leolabs, a company tracking space debris, had predicted the collision of these two objects a week earlier.

The speed of both was 52918 km per hour.
According to Liolabs, Russia’s Cosmos 2007 was seen moving towards the southern pole. While China’s Chang Zheng 4C rocket was heading north. At that time the speed of both the objects was 52918 kilometers per hour. After which Liolabs started keeping an eye on these two with the help of his radar.

Narrow collision
Now the latest figures have shown that these two objects passed between themselves from 26 to 141 feet. Due to which there was no collision between them. Had this collision occurred, other space missions other than the nearby satellites would have suffered extensive damage. It is being told that the combined mass of these two objects was more than 2.8 MT.

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Could have been a big accident
In such a situation, if there was a collision between two such heavy objects, thousands of pieces of new debris would have formed in space. According to old reports, there are currently over 170 million junk roaming in space. Due to which many problems have also arisen. Space agencies around the world also monitor these pieces. Nevertheless, tracking is becoming a serious problem in view of their increasing number.

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What is space debris
There are two types of space debris. First- man-made and second natural. Man-made space debris refers to fragments that circumnavigate the earth due to gravity after manned spacecraft or satellites become inactive. At the same time, natural debris is called asteroid, comet and meteorite.


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