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pakistan news: 15 soldiers killed in terrorist attack, who are the ones who inflicted such a huge wound on the Pakistani army?  - 15 pakistan army soldiers killed in balochistan terrorist attacks, know who are baluchistan liberation army

In Pakistan’s Balochistan province, militants have plagued the Pakistan Army. On Thursday, militants attacked a convoy of Pakistani oil and gas workers going under the protection of Pakistani paramilitary forces, killing 15 people. Initially, the attack was claimed by the Balochistan Liberation Front but later a new militant organization also claimed responsibility for the attack.

There have been attacks before too
Pakistani officials said seven employees of the Pakistani Oil and Gas Development Company were killed in the attack by militants. Apart from this, 8 soldiers of Pakistan Frontier Corps guarding the convoy have also died. There have been large-scale attacks on security forces in this area before. On Thursday, the terrorists targeted another military convoy in North Waziristan. Six military personnel, including an officer of the Pakistani army, were killed in this attack. The army said in a statement that the militants targeted the military convoy through the IED near Rajmak area of ​​North Waziristan.

Who is Baluchistan Liberation Front
The Balochistan Liberation Army started in the 1970s under the reign of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. At that time, this small terrorist organization had plagued the Pak Army in the area of ​​Balochistan. When military dictator Ziaul Haq came to power in Pakistan, he negotiated with Baloch leaders and made an undisclosed ceasefire with this organization. This organization consists mainly of two tribes of Pakistan, Miri and Bugti fighters.

The anger of the Baloch fueled by Pervez Musharraf’s tenure
Since that time, the Balochistan Liberation Army has not carried out any major incident for a long time. But, when Nawab Miri of Justice of the Balochistan High Court was killed around 2000, when Pervez Musharraf took power in Pakistan. The Pakistani army arrested Baloch leader Khair Baksh Miri in this case at the behest of power. The Baloch Liberation Army has since resumed its operation.

Pak declared terrorist organization in 2006
After this, there was a strong increase in the number of attacks on the Pakistani army and police in the area of ​​Balochistan. Fed up with their violence, the Government of Pakistan declared the Balochistan Liberation Army a terrorist organization in 2006. The Pakistani government said that the organization has been involved in several terrorist incidents and carried out the attacks on the orders of its leader Nawabzada Balach Miri.

Hirbayar Miri appointed as Commander
After the death of Nawabzada Balach Miri in 2007, his brother Heerbayar Miri was given the command of the Balochistan Liberation Army. However, Hirbayar Miri, who lives in Britain, never accepted the claim of being the head of this organization. After which Aslam Baloch became the Surveyor of this organization.

Opposition to CPEC, many attacks
The Balochistan Liberation Army has always opposed the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Many times, this organization has also been accused of targeting Chinese citizens working in Pakistan. In 2018, the organization was also accused of assaulting the Chinese Consulate in Karachi. There are allegations that Pakistan took a decision related to CPEC without consulting Baloch leaders.

Who is the Baluchistan Liberation Army, who killed Pakistan

Nawab Bugti murdered at the behest of Musharraf
In 2006, the Pakistani army killed Nawab Akbar Bugti, the most influential leader of Balochistan at the behest of Pervez Musharraf. Musharraf was also arrested in 2013 for his murder. Musharraf had said in his defense at the time that these leaders were demanding a share in the income of oil and mineral production.

Pakistan erasing the identity of Baloch on the lines of China, brainwash continues to be ‘religious terrorist’

Balochistan’s strategic position
Balochistan has a strategic position in Pakistan. Baluchistan, the largest province in Pakistan, borders Afghanistan and Iran. At the same time, Karachi is also in the ranks of these people. A large part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor passes through this province. The Baloch also had control over the Gwadar port, which Pakistan has now handed over to China.


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