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Air leaks detected in international space station with Tbag

Russia’s Cosmonauts have fixed an air leak at the International Space Station. The special thing is that it has been fixed with the help of tea-bag. During a conversation with Russia’s Flight Control Center on Thursday, Cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin made this point. T-bags were captured in cameras swinging towards air-leaks in Zero gravity.

Ivanishin said that the area of ​​the leak has been identified. The T-bag was released into the Zvezda module before closing the transfer chamber. After this, his movement was recorded. Evision reported that the direction of the flight of the T-Bag flight was recorded in the photo and video and it showed where the air was coming out due to the leak.

No threat to life
Earlier in August, it was revealed that Russian-American crew had found air leaks on the orbital outpost at the space station. There is no threat to the health or life of the crew due to air leaks. Cosmonaut Sergey Rizhikov told the press conference before the flight that the Soyuz-MS 17 spacecraft would bring additional equipment to the orbital post that would cause the Airlike to be traced.

Russian and American astronauts reach ISS, complete journey in 3 hours

Be in isolation before
Soyuz MS-17 departed from Baikonur Spaceport in Kazakhstan on 14 October and reached the International Space Station. This was the fastest journey ever completed in 3 hours. The three astronauts sent by it will work under the leadership of the station commander Chris Cassidy. It was previously reported that crew members remained in isolation at a training center based outside Moscow and then in Baykonur to avoid a corona virus infection.

How does this change in the Earth’s magnetic field? NASA too surprised

Astronaut off to ISS

Astronaut off to ISS


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