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Taiwan Foreign Minister's statement on China's claims

China has plagued not only India but Japan in East China Sea, Indonesia in South China Sea, Vietnam, Philippines and America-Australia. Not only this, it has directly claimed Taiwan. At the same time, Taiwan’s foreign minister has said that Taiwan was never a part of China. He appealed to the international community to take Taiwan’s existence seriously. He has said that this will not only benefit the country but will also help other countries.

Many countries have problems
In an interview with India Today, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said that in this part of the world, Taiwan is not the only one having trouble with China, Japan is facing problems in East China Sea where China is intruding into the sea, while South China Countries near the ocean are also having problems. The dispute is also going on along the India-China border. He said that we are all doing the same issue and that is the expansionism of the Communist Party of China.

Come to the country with similar views
Joseph said Taiwan wants to strengthen relations with democratic and like-minded countries, such as the United States, Japan and India. He said that we should start thinking that ideas and intelligence are exchanged. Areas of cooperation should be found. There is no ministerial alliance with India right now, but coming together is important for both countries.

Appeal to the international community
With the United Nations not yet recognizing Taiwan, Joseph said the international community and institutions should seriously think about Taiwan’s existence. He said that there are 23 million people in the country, it is a democracy, people choose a democratic government and the freedom of speech of the press is followed.

Taiwan was not of China
Joseph clearly stated that Taiwan is out of China. He said that many countries feel that China has a One China policy and that China leads Taiwan but historically Taiwan has not been a part of China since 1949 when the Chinese Republic was established. He said that China cannot lead Taiwan, only the government of Taiwan can. People here have the right to represent themselves in the world.

Other countries will cooperate
Joseph said that Taiwan UN wants to play a supporting role in the international community, not just the WHO. He said that we have experience in public health and during the epidemic we have supported other countries. He said that work was also done with hospitals in India. Joseph said that China is threatening Taiwan.

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