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China is bringing population to second place in Tibet

Amidst the border dispute with India from Ladakh to Arunachal, China is working to remove the population from there. Now China has also acknowledged that it is ‘relocating’ the local Tibetan population. The work of removing Tibetans from the Indo-Bhutana border started in the year 2018 itself. At that time 72 people from 24 houses in Le village were shifted from new homes.

2.66 lakh people removed
These people are being removed in the name of restoration. Global Times tweeted that party president Wu Yingji in Tibet said that on Thursday, local residents have decided to join the program for the rehabilitation of poor people on their own. So far, 2 lakh 66 thousand people have been shifted to other places from here.

Better income claim
According to reports, these new houses are built far away from their original homes. In this way, the villagers have been leaving and leaving the area where they were living for hundreds of years. China has claimed that it is improving the income of Tibetan people. At the same time, there were reports in August that China is doing this as part of its plan to strengthen the border areas near Tawang. Just a short distance from this area, China is deploying surface-to-air missiles to deal with any Indian air strike.

Tawang: China is evacuating its citizens from Bhutan-Arunachal Pradesh border amid tension from India!

Removing people from 96 villages
The report of the Chinese government newspaper Global Times has revealed that these people are being removed from Shannan County in southwest China. This report claimed that China is settling people from its 96 villages adjoining India and Bhutan by building new homes away from the border. China has claimed that electricity, water and internet have been provided to the villagers in these new homes.


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