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Why are three fingers salute with the demand for democracy in Thailand

Protesting students on the streets demanding democracy in Thailand have adopted a method of protest that has become a topic of discussion all over the world. Thousands of students who have reached here are doing ‘Three Finger Salute’. As the name implies, this three-fingered salute, when shown in front of the royal convoy this week, has become the biggest protest symbol of all time in the last few years. What is the story behind this salute, know …

Where did ‘Three Finger Salute’ come from?

Actually, this salute turned out to be a book-based Hollywood film ‘Hunger Games’. However, salute is done when it is to show respect or love to someone or to say goodbye. Over time, the common people express their anger and anger against the rich and the dictators living in the grand capital. In this fictional city, the army protects this high class.

Salute running since 2014


In the last few years, especially since 2014, it has been used to support democracy in Thailand. Along with this, the protest against the military power of the country is also done through this salute. It was used for the first time in 2014 when Thailand’s military overthrew democracy and freedom of expression after the coup. Prayut Chan-o-cha, the chief leader of this coup and former army chief, is now the Prime Minister of the country. The anger of the protesters is highest against them.

Amiris – opposing the gap in poverty

In Thailand, it is also alleged that most of the wealth of the country is in the grasp of the rich of Bangkok. Here the army general has been trying to gain power by coup several times. Pro-democracy activists say that the gap between rich and poor is deepening in the country. One worker says that before the royal convoy, common people could not even leave. People had to kneel on the ground stopping everything. Now showing this salute to the royal convoy is a big deal.

Many interesting methods used

After 2014, supporters of democracy staged protests in many interesting ways. Sometimes sandwiches were distributed to unknown people at a picnic, sometimes George Orwell’s dystopian novel was read 1984. However, the most talked about three finger salute. From the protests to the arrest of the activists to the court or police van, this salute was seen many times.


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