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Top photo of 15 October 2020

In Thailand these days, democracy supporters have taken to the streets against the military and imperial rule of the young and general public. People have been protesting against the post-coup coup in 2014. Pro-democracy activists say that the gap between rich and poor is deepening in the country. One worker says that before the royal convoy, common people could not even leave. People had to kneel on the ground stopping everything. However, today the royal convoy was shown as a protest as the Three Finger Salute, which is a major incident in its own right.

Three finger salute

Protesting students on the streets demanding democracy in Thailand have adopted a method of protest that has become a topic of discussion all over the world. Thousands of students who have reached here are doing ‘Three Finger Salute’. This salute turns out to be from a book based on the Hollywood film ‘Hunger Games’. However, salute is done when it is to show respect or love to someone or to say goodbye. Over time, the common people express their anger and anger against the rich and the dictators living in the grand capital. Especially since 2014, it is used to support democracy in Thailand.

Lives stuck in the middle of war

The two-week war between Azerbaijan and Armenia is being carried out equally by both sides. Missiles are being fired and bullets pierce the walls of houses. Amidst all this, people are praying for the safety of themselves and their loved ones in the villages on the border of Nagorno-Karabakh. They say that they were not even told about this war and the destroyers were destroyed. People are hiding in the cellars built under the houses to save their lives and spend every day in the shadows of fear.

Remembered George Floyd


The debate over the worldwide human rights and equality of black people through Black Lives Matter intensified this year when black American George Floyd was killed by police in Minnesota, USA. A police officer tried to arrest Floyd by kneeling on his neck, which killed Floyd. Today would have been Floyd’s 47th birthday. Those taking this movement forward remembered him and reiterated his resolve to fight apartheid against blacks worldwide.

Christmas preparations in London

New toys have been introduced for the annual Hamleys Christmas photocall and preparations have begun for the Christmas reception. The British capital, London, is set to introduce tougher restrictions due to the Corona virus. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has expressed hope that the government will issue a high level alert. This will prevent people from going to each other’s home. A day earlier on Wednesday, 20 thousand new cases of corona infection were seen in the country while 137 people died. Sadiq and his opposition Labor Party are demanding strong action from the government but PM Boris Johnson is reluctant to impose the lockdown.


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