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Black Mamba Snake: Know About Most Poisonous Snake Black Mamba From Tanzania & Why It Is So Dangerous

They say ‘Snake bites do not even ask for water’. Out of around 3,000-3,500 species of snakes in the world, only 600 snakes are poisonous. One of these Black Mamba is such a snake whose human escape is impossible to bite. Mamba, one of the most poisonous and dangerous snakes in the world, is shy but gets angry and gets angry. After this, it makes such attacks that the hearing will stand up. Let’s know Geophysicist by profession and in Tanzania himself with Ratnesh Pandey Navbharat times online for Shatakshi Asthana Story of this dangerous snake based on the conversation of …

Black Mamba … How dark?


Hearing the name of Black Mamba, a picture of a black snake comes out. However, this snake is not black. It is usually green in color. Actually, the inside of its mouth is very black and it is said that due to this it has got such a name. There is also a claim that snakes found long ago were more black. Hence it was given this name. This snake lives for 11 years or even longer. Its length varies from 6 feet to 14 feet. This snake weighs around 3.5 pounds. Apart from black mamba, green mamba is also found in Tanzania. Green mamba snake is also very venomous. Trees and shrubs hide in the thicket. Due to the green color, it is very difficult to identify in tree plants.

Wild animals also change the way

How dangerous this snake is, it can be gauged by this that even violent animals of the forest change their path after seeing it. This snake ventures out to chase and bite when angry. This snake is the fastest moving snake on earth that can chase its prey at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. In such a situation, it is almost impossible to avoid its victim.

Straight on the neckā€¦ no chance to escape

By the way, Black Mamba itself does not bite directly when it feels threatened by humans, but tries to escape, but if it gets angry it can bite 100 people at once. Ratnesh says that till date, a person who has been bitten by it is alive, there is no record of it. In fact, when the snake is angry, it stands on its tail in a 90 degree vertical position along its entire length. In a similar position, it bites the person’s head or neck. Usually the venom can be extracted by applying pressure on the snake’s hands or feet, but it cannot be done on the head or neck. Therefore, no one can be saved by its bite. Its anger is so strong that upon feeling the danger, it bites continuously 10-12 times and releases up to 400 mg of poison in the human body. Only 1 mg of Balak Mamba poison is enough to kill a human being.

Humans live like these snakes

Ratnesh explains that the seismic block where he works also has an abundance of Black Mamba and Green Mamba. So whenever they go for the survey, they use snake protection guards to avoid these snakes. He has told that two metal nets are placed around his camp, in which the chickens are left in the space. If the snake enters the camp from outside, then the chickens start shouting which acts like an alarm. People of the local Masai tribe who live in the forests and grow among the wild animals then deal with this snake.

Many stories, many confusions

There are many kinds of confusion about this snake too. There were reports of its cattle being killed on several occasions. However, they have been misquoted as there is no threat from cow-buffalo. Therefore it does not attack them. There is also a story that Black Mamba named Ndlondo has a feather on his head and strikes lightning fast. It is also said that it cries like a child hiding in the bush and if anyone goes to see it, it attacks. However, local experts say that such a story is told to tell this snake faster than the king who was there long ago and his soldiers. It has not been seen today.


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