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kp sharma oli changed defense minister: revenge before the visit of nepali prime minister, indian army chief to help india, nepali pm kp sharma oli changed defense minister before the visit of the indian army chief


  • Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma is now looking forward to Oli’s changing of India
  • Nepali Prime Minister has replaced the Defense Minister before the visit of the Indian Army Chief
  • Oli has withdrawn the charge of Defense Minister from Deputy PM Ishwar Pokhriyal

The Prime Minister of Nepal, KP Sharma, who is following at the behest of China, is now showing Oli’s tone towards India. The Nepalese Prime Minister has changed his Defense Minister just before the Indian Army Chief’s visit to Nepal. Oli has taken charge of the defense minister from the country’s deputy PM Ishwar Pokhriyal. Oli is believed to have taken this step to improve relations with India.

According to the report of Hindustan Times, Deputy PM Ishwar Pokharel Oli is considered to be India’s most vocal opponent in the cabinet. Now PM Oli himself will take charge of the defense minister. Oli has taken this step at a time when Indian Army Chief General MM Narwane is going to visit Nepal on 3 November. Pokharel has been attached to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Nepal will give Army Chief MM Narwane honorary status of General of Nepalese Army

Tried to provoke Gurkha soldiers
In this way God Pokharel is a minister but he has no department. Earlier in May this year, General Narwane indicated that China’s role was behind Nepal’s reaction to the Lipulekh road going to Kailash Mansarovar. After this, Ishwar Pokharel tried to provoke the Gorkha soldiers serving in the Indian Army for years. Pokharel had alleged that General Narwane’s reaction hurt the sentiments of Gorkha soldiers.

Pokharel had made many anti-India statements earlier as well. Experts tracking Nepal say that Pokharel also opposed the visit of the Indian Army Chief. Pokharel wanted India to first sit at the negotiating table to resolve the border dispute. Pokharel himself has had several disputes with his own army chief Purna Chandra Thapa. General Thapa refused to issue a statement on the script.

KP Oli and Prachanda brokered 9 billion rupees from Chinese company? Uproar in Nepal

General Narwane as honorary general of Nepalese Army
Please tell that Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Narwane is going to get the status of honorary general of Nepalese Army next month. General Narwane is scheduled to visit Nepal next month, during which the neighboring country will honor him. A Nepali army spokesman said that General Narwane is scheduled to visit Nepal in November this year. However, there has been such a tradition between the two countries. The head of the Nepali Army is also given honorary status of General of the Indian Army. This will be the first high-level visit from India to Nepal after the release of a new Government of Nepal map linking Indian territories Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura to Nepali territory.


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