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US Hypersonic Missile: America Builds First Hypersonic Missile AGM 183A To Counter Russia And China

The US has succeeded in creating a highly lethal hypersonic missile for hitting missiles from Russia and China. A senior US Air Force official said the air-fired AGM-183A missile is capable of attacking the enemy at speeds of 8 to 10 thousand km per hour. The AGM-183A will be America’s first hypersonic missile after joining the US Airforce. Apart from this, the US is also working on a small hypersonic missile Mayhem.

Attack at a distance of 1600 km in 10 to 12 minutes


In an interview to Airforce magazine, Major General Andu Gabra, Director of Strategic Affairs of the Airforce Global Strike Command, publicly stated the first hypersonic missile of the Pentagon. He said that the missile would cover a distance of 1600 km in 10 to 12 minutes. The speed of this missile will be 6.5 or 7.5 Mach. Explain that a weapon that strikes a speed of more than 5 MAC is counted in hypersonic missiles. The test of this missile has been going on since June 2019 and it will be tested live in October 2021.

Missile to be deployed on B-52 strategic bombers


The commander of the Global Strike Command, General Timothy M. Ray, said the missile would be the Pentagon’s first hypersonic missile. It will achieve initial operational capacity in the coming few years. The missile will be deployed on America’s deadliest B-52 strategic bombers. For this, a lot of change is being done in B-52. The US may be making a hypersonic missile, but it is still far behind Russia, which has built 10 mac and 20 mac kernel hit Kinzhal and Avanguard hypersonic missiles. Russia last week successfully test-fired its third hypersonic anti-slip missile Zircon. This missile achieved 8 Mach speed.

Russia’s S-500 missile defense system to be hit


Only the S-500 missile defense system of Russia can defeat this hypersonic missile of America. However, he too will have only 4 minutes to shoot down this missile. The Hypersoni missile is built from a solid fuel rocket booster. This booster provides hypersonic speed to the missile. The Army and Navy, on the other hand, have tested their own hypersonic delivery system common hypersonic glide body vehicle or C-HGB. US President Donald Trump has increased the budget by 23 percent to make hypersonic missiles.


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