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President of Taiwan spills India love again, reveals his favorite Indian dish

Taiwanese President Tsei Ing Wen’s strong love for Indian culture is once again reflected in the deepening friendship between Indo-Taiwanese people. The President of Taiwan tweeted on Thursday that Indian food and tea are very much liked. Wen said that she often goes to Indian restaurants eating chana masala and naan.

Taiwanese President Tsei tweeted, “Taiwan is lucky to have many Indian restaurants here and the Taiwanese people love them.” I myself always go to eat chana masala and naan while tea always reminds me of my India travel days and the vibrant, diverse and colorful country. What is your favorite dish? ‘ A large number of people are liking and retweeting this tweet by the President of Taiwan.

Let us know that amidst the ongoing tension from China, the Indian public is seen strongly supporting Taiwan. Recently, a large number of Indians sent greeting messages on Taiwan’s National Day. In response, Taiwan’s President Tsai In Weng thanked the Indian people. He praised the people of India, Indian culture and Indian architecture.

Taiwanese President tweeted picture of Taj Mahal
Tsai in Weng tweeted a picture of his Taj Mahal tour and wrote, “Hello my friends from India, thank you for following me here (on Twitter).” Your greeting messages remind me of memorable moments spent in your incredible country. Your Vastu wonders, vibrant culture and kind people are truly unforgettable. I miss my time so much.

The Taiwanese President thanked the Indian people in response to the greeting messages sent to Taiwan from India on its national day. He tweeted that he thanked all the people of India for the good luck message. We can be proud of protecting our shared values ‚Äč‚Äčlike freedom and human rights and protecting our democratic life. Hello.

Chinese media threatening Taiwan war
China’s official media has been showing its weapons several times a day threatening Taiwan’s war. China’s state-run Global Times has threatened that China will wage war if US forces return to Taiwan. Global Times editor Hu Shijin threatened the US and Taiwan, saying the China anti-segregation law is a tiger with teeth.


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