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china suicide drone: China Conducts Test of Massive Suicide Drone CH 901

China, which is fighting the war with many countries of the world including America, India, Taiwan, Australia, has prepared a forceful army of Loitering munition aircraft with explosives. These drones are inside a tubular launcher that breaks on their enemy as soon as they gesture. These launchers can be positioned above a light vehicle and helicopter. After the arrival of the Chinese drone army, now there is a threat to the great future war in front of the armies of the world.

China flies 200 drone planes simultaneously


The electronics academy of China has designed this drone aircraft and successfully tested it only last month. Earlier in the year 2017, China achieved great success by flying 120 small drones together as an army. Later China showed 200 drone aircraft flying together and performing big feats. CH-901 is the name of China’s suicide drone aircraft. This drone has front and rear wings and also has sensors for target detection. Earlier, the US also built a similar suicide drone aircraft.

48 suicide drones can be dropped simultaneously


There are 48 drones housed inside China’s tubular launcher and can be released as and when required. Experts say that the launch of this drone like box can be deployed on warships and anywhere on land. Not only this, this drone can also be deployed above the helicopter. Let us know that the US Navy is also trying to fire suicide drones. In the video of Chinese drones, it is seen that 11 drone aircraft are flying simultaneously. They are instructed by the Chinese Army soldiers sitting far away to attack and change the path through a tablet-like device.

Difficult to evade enemy from drone’s ‘eye’

There is an electro-optical camera inside the Chinese drone which first inspects the ground and identifies the target and attacks it. It is not yet clear whether Chinese drones have low-light or infrared cameras. If a Chinese drone has this capability, it can carry out precise attacks at night. Experts say that looking at the video of this drone, it seems that Chinese technology is quite modern. All this shows that if the PLA does not yet have the capability of operational drone army, then it has come very close to deploying it.

Drone army ‘blinds’ enemy’s air defense

The drone army can be fired from any platform from the surface to the air. It has the ability to attack from multiple sides simultaneously. It is very difficult for any country’s air defense to stop the swarm of drone planes. Simultaneous attacks make the air defense system confused or blind. He is unable to decide which drone strikes, and meanwhile the drone army destroys the air defense system. China can now deploy 48 drones simultaneously with just one truck, so that it can launch a fierce attack in just seconds. There is no air defense system in the world to prevent such an attack. The only way to stop them is to send their drone aircraft to thwart the enemy’s drone army attack. In this way, drone wars used to appear in films till now but are now possible.

Israeli drones are causing havoc in Armenia

Azerbaijan’s military is using Israeli Harop Kamikaze Drones to target Armenia’s troops and tanks. These drones are suicidal, which, apart from reikiing the enemy’s territory, blow themselves up if a target appears. Due to this, the army of Armenia is suffering heavy losses. Many of his soldiers have been killed in attacks by this drone. Israeli Harop Kamikaze Drones is known by many names. It is also called Hero-120 or Killer Drone. It has been developed by the MBT division of the Israeli aerospace industry. This drone has also been used by the Azerbaijan army during the 2016 skirmish.

Drones can jam missile, radar itself

This drone does not have a separate missile, rather the drone itself is a missile. The anti-radar homing system embedded in it can also jam the enemy’s radar. So if someone does not kill it or if it does not find its target, then it will come back to its base. But, if it sees its target, this drone will hit it and blow itself up. Israeli Harop drones can fly for 6 hours at a time. It can be operated up to a distance of 1000 km from the base station. It can be used as a missile against reconnaissance activities or enemies at sea or on land. This drone can fly itself according to the predetermined programming or the operator can also change its deterministic route. Through the electro-optical sensor present in it, the operator at the base can choose his target.

India is also preparing to purchase killer drone

The Special Force of India already uses this drone. Which includes NSG and other special forces. However, talks are still going on for the Army for its purchase. India has also issued a request for information regarding this drone. Given the growing threat from China and Pakistan, India could buy this drone from Israel in the coming days. This drone will also be very effective against China in high altitude areas. The Indian Army has said that it is closely monitoring the Armenia-Azerbaijan war.


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