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Russia approves second coronavirus vaccine: Russia approves second corona virus vaccine 'EpiVacCorona' after initial trial - russia approves second covid 19 vaccine epivaccorona after initial trial


  • President of Russia announced that the country has approved the second corona virus vaccine
  • Russia’s Corona Vaccine is developed by Siberian Biotech company
  • This peptide based vaccine has to be given twice to the patient to prevent corona

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday that the country had approved the second corona virus vaccine ‘EpiVacCorona’ after the initial trial. This vaccine has been developed by the Siberian biotech company. This peptide based vaccine has to be given twice to prevent corona. It is built by the Vector Institute in Siberia.

It is being told that it has now been approved after completion of its initial study two weeks ago. Putin said in his TV statement on Wednesday, “The country’s Virology and Biotechnology Center, Novosibirsk Vectors, has registered the second corona virus vaccine today.” President Putin said that the initial trials conducted on 100 people of this vaccine have been successful.

Deputy PM Tatyana Golikova gets vaccinated

According to the Moscow Times, Putin said that the vaccine has also been applied to Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova and the Chief of Consumer Protection Monitoring Institute Anna Popova. The vaccine has undergone a two-month trial and scientists have not yet published its results. Golikova has told Putin that 40,000 volunteers across the country will be selected for the next phase trial of the EpiVacCorona vaccine.

Government approval to Russia’s third corona vaccine by December
Golikova also said that by December, Russia’s third corona virus vaccine will receive government approval. He said, ‘The plan of the vectors is to prepare the first 60 thousand doses of EpiVacCorona vaccine as soon as possible.’ Earlier on August 11, Russia announced that it had approved the world’s first corona virus vaccine Sputnik V.

India has refused to allow a trial of Russia’s Corona vaccine Sputnik-V for a large-scale study in the country. The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) has rejected Dr. Reddy Laboratories Limited’s proposal for a large-scale trial to assess the impact of the Russian vaccine in the country. According to Reuters, the drug agency has asked Dr. Reddy to first try the vaccine on a small scale. CDSCO’s expert panel found that the initial data and study of this vaccine is taking place on a smaller scale outside the country and the Indian partner has no input on it.

India’s move shocks Russia’s plan
After India’s decision, preparations for introducing the Sputnik-V vaccine in Russia have suffered a setback. Russia was trying to approve the vaccine in a country where Corona has the largest number of new cases in the world. It is believed that India may overtake the US in the next few weeks in the case of corona infection.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which markets the Sputnik-V vaccine, and Dr Reddy Laboratories Limited announced an agreement last month on the clinical trial and distribution of the vaccine in India. Russia is the first country in the world to have approved the Corona vaccine. Russia has tested this vaccine extensively since approval. However, many doctors and scientists had raised questions about the safety and effectiveness of the Russian vaccine.


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