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Rest of Europe News: India clarifies nuclear policy in UN, said- We will not commit to our principles first, India clarifies nuclear doctrine in un, says we committed to maintain credible minimum deterrence with posture of no-first use

India has once again conveyed its policy of use of nuclear weapons to the whole world from the United Nations Forum. Indian Ambassador and Permanent Representative Dr. Pankaj Sharma while addressing the Conference on Disarmament of the United Nations General Assembly in Geneva said that India is committed to its nuclear doctrine. We are determined to maintain reliable minimum detention with no first use. We will not use it against a country with non-nuclear weapons.

Pakistan’s target shot without naming
India has fiercely targeted nuclear weapons without naming Pakistan. The Indian representative said that we reiterate our concerns over the grave threat to international peace and security arising from the illegal transfer of traditional weapons, small arms and light weapons to terrorists and non-state actors.

India expressed concern over the arms race
India also expressed concern over the rapidly growing nuclear weapons race at the United Nations. India said that the situation of global disarmament and the disregard of old agreements governing arms are becoming a serious situation. Due to this, there has been uncertainty for decades and it is likely to remain in the coming years.

UN faces many challenges
In this conference on the disarmament of weapons, India also said that more challenges are already facing the United Nations Disarmament Commission and the First Committee. The UN must face significant responsibility immediately.


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