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Demand for PM's resignation in Thailand, protesters cordon government house, policemen flee - thailand protest rivals in show of force on bangkok streets demand pm prayuth chan-ocha resignation

The anti-government protests that have been continuing in Thailand for the last three months now seem to be reaching a peak. On Wednesday, thousands of people surrounded the Government House. Due to which the police have also had to retreat. The protesters have been adamant on making a new constitution and re-election of the country. The Government House is considered the official campus of the government in Thailand. All the ministries from the Prime Minister’s Office are located in this campus. It is reported to be one of the biggest demonstrations in Thailand since 2014.

Protesters stubbornly demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister

In the capital Bangkok, large-scale police have been deployed to stop protesters. However, he is not walking ahead of the growing number of protesters. The protesters are demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Pryutt Chan-o-cha in a clear tone. People affected by the corona virus have come out on the streets, angry with government corruption. They allege that nothing is being done by the government to get them out of this trouble. Whereas corruption in bureaucracy has reached the peak in the country.

Why protests are happening in Thailand

Preyut Chan-o-cha, formerly the army chief of Thailand, overthrew the country in 2014 by a coup. Under his leadership, the new constitution of Thailand was prepared in 2016. In which many such rules were made which were against human rights. It also has a provision for severe punishment to those who criticize the government and the king. Thailand also had elections in 2019, in which Pryutt’s party won. However, people allege that the government won the election by making a mess on the strength of its power. Since then protests have continued against him.

Emergency is applicable in Thailand

In Thailand, the government has imposed emergency by pretending to be a corona virus infection. Due to which people are banned from crowding in public places or organizing any protest. However, people are protesting vigorously against the government irrespective of restrictions. Not only this, the government of Thailand is also accused of pressurizing the judiciary. It is being said that at the behest of the government, the recognition of a party organizing protests has been done away with.

Thailand’s kings are abroad with sex solvers

The King of Thailand, Maha Vajiralongkorn alias Ram Dasam Corona, who is said to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu, is holidaying with beauties abroad leaving the people of his country in trouble. Raja Ram is currently in ‘isolation’ in Germany with 20 ‘sex Soldiers’. He has been isolating himself in a hotel in Germany since last March. A special harem has been built for King Ram at the Four Star Hotel in Germany. In this harem, Raja Ram is leading a luxurious life with 20 ‘sex soldiers’. Apart from this, King Maha has also taken many servants with him. It is being told that King Maha has booked the fourth floor of Hotel Grand Hotel Sonnebichl. Not only this, he has also taken ‘special permission’ from the District Council for this.

Sentenced to 15 years for criticizing the king


Thailand is subject to a 15-year prison sentence for criticizing the king. Even after this, pro-democracy people are taking to the streets against Raja Ram. Protests have been going on in Thailand since July 18 against King Ram. The protesters are demanding free elections in the country, framing a new constitution and ending the tyranny of Raja Ram’s army. Constitutional monarchy has been in force in the country since 1932. Raja Ram is targeting the public for celebrating holidays abroad amid the Corona epidemic.


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