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uae News: this hawk sold for more than 12 crores in Saudi, now picture is getting viral - falcon sold during in 12 crores rupees an auction at saudi falcons club auction in riyadh

The eagles are being auctioned from 3 October in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh. Eagles from around the world have participated in this auction. The Saudi Falcons Club has organized the auction at the King Abdulaziz Festival ground in Mulham. During this time, an eagle was auctioned for US $ 173284 on Tuesday. This is the highest price of an eagle so far in this auction lasting 43 days.

Auction will run till November 15
Organizers said that the auction will run until November 15. In which hundreds of people from India and abroad have attended. However, due to corona virus infection, a limited number of people are also being given admission during this program. In this program, such a large number of people are reaching everyday, due to which the ground of 2000 sqm of Abdulaziz Festival Ground has also become smaller.

There is tremendous enthusiasm in people
During the first auction of this program, a lot of excitement was seen in the purchase of young Shaheen category hawks. Dhaf Allah Al-Harathi, resident of Jubail, bought the first eagle of this auction for Rs 2148918. At the same time, the second Baj Ahmad al-Mutairi bought for Rs 2441953. The third hawk of this auction was also done by Dhaaf Allah Al-Harathi for Rs 1465171.

That’s why the auction was organized
The Saudi Falcons Club has organized the auction with the aim of promoting the eagle’s business and their business. They say that such auctions will increase the investment potential and will also increase the number of eagle lovers among the people.


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