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Malaysia police monitoring corona infected through smart helmets, know specialty - malaysian police keep an eye on coronavirus infected passengers through smart helmet thermoscanner, know specialty

Corona virus infection is also spreading rapidly among the political upheavals in Malaysia these days. The situation there seems to be out of control due to less tests and lack of health facilities. Meanwhile, the Malaysian police have taken up the responsibility of identifying people suspected of Corona in public places. Police there are monitoring the temperature of people on trains, buses and crowded places with the help of smart helmets.

200 people can scan in a minute


According to the report, through this smart helmet, the police can scan the temperature of about 200 people in a minute. A corona test can be done for any person who sees an increase in temperature. According to experts, an increase in body temperature is also a symptom of the corona virus. In India too, in crowded cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, this technology can prove effective.

How does smart helmet work

This helmet has a thermal camera. Which attaches to a smartwatch located in the helmet. When a person comes in front of this camera, with the help of thermal camera, it displays that person’s body temperature on the screen of the helmet through the smartwatch. This camera can check the body temperature of many people simultaneously.

Slow pace of corona test in Malaysia raises concern

Malaysia is among the countries in Asia with the lowest number of corona virus tests. So far, there have been 16,880 cases of corona virus in Malaysia. However, 163 of these people have died due to infection. A large number of bodies have been buried in Malaysia cemeteries for the past several months. In such a situation, it is feared that the government is hiding the Corona figures there.

Things deteriorated due to political tug of war

In Malaysia these days there is a political uproar against the government and the opposition. On Tuesday, Malaysia’s Leader of Opposition Anwar Ibrahim announced that he presented evidence to the country’s Sultan that he had enough MPs’ support to replace the current Prime Minister and form a new government. Anwar said he had the support of more than 120 MPs and submitted documentary evidence in favor of the Sultan, which would clear the way for the formation of a new government by removing Prime Minister Muhiddin Yasin.

Smart helmet comes to defeat Corona, speed will surprise

Smart helmet came to defeat Corona, speed will surprise


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