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Rest of Europe News: Do you know the story of these children dressed in prisoners behind barbed wire?  - what was the nazi holocaust and how auschwitz death camp became center of adolf hitler jews concentration camp

This picture is from the end of World War II. When the Nazi Holocaust was occupied by the then Soviet Army, the largest center of Hitler’s generosity in Auschwitz, Poland. During that time, this picture was captured by a Soviet Army soldier in his camera. In which children wearing clothes of prisoners are seen behind the barbed wire of that construction camp. It is said that in this camp alone, on the orders of Hitler, more than 1.1 million Jews were gunned down in a gas chamber.

Germany will provide financial help to Holocaust victims
Now 75 years after the end of World War II, this picture is being discussed again. Recently, the German government announced financial assistance of more than half a billion euros to help Holocaust victims suffering the burden of the Corona epidemic. The largest number of its victims live in Israel. Holocaust Memorial Day is also celebrated there on 27 January every year.

Jews were identified as finished
In 1939, after Germany incited the World War, Hitler began to implement his final solution to eradicate the Jews. Hitler’s intelligence agency SS is said to have captured Jews from most countries of Europe at the Nazi Holocaust Center in Ashwitz. Where working people were kept alive, while those who were elderly or crippled were put into a gas chamber and killed. All the identification documents of these people were destroyed and a special mark was made in the hand.

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The torturer was tortured
In this camp, Nazi soldiers used to torture the Jews in various ways. They removed the heads of the Jews. They were given only food to stay alive. Even in severe cold, only a few rags were given to them. When either of them became ill or unable to work, they were killed by beating or beating them in a gas chamber. In this camp, any prisoner was publicly punished, so that fear could remain inside others.

Why did the Nazis want to kill the Jews
The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) was called the Nazi. The Nazi Party was a political party established in Germany in 1919 after the First World War. The Nazi leadership said that eradicating the Jews from the world would be beneficial for the German people and the whole of humanity. However, there was no real threat from the Jews. For this, they did not care about age, sex, faith or work.


How did this camp of Nazis end
The camp was closed at the end of the Second World War in 1945 when the Soviet Union forces captured Ashwitz. Even at that time there were seven thousand prisoners in this camp. However, before the attack of the Soviet Army, the Nazis had erased many evidences related to the massacre in anticipation of defeat. Yet the evidence that the Soviet armies held was enough to tell the story of Hitler’s atrocities.


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