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The morsel snatches from the mouth of the lion, the mother blesses by spitting on the child ... Such is the Masai tribe of Tanzania

Ratnesh Pandey of Varanasi is a geologist. He has worked in 35 countries in the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa continent along with Canada, USA. Ratnesh Pandey has been working in Tanzania for the last 11 years. Navbharat times online When he told about the brave African tribes living with dangerous predatory wild animals in the forests here, he could not believe that in any corner of the world even today one can have such a deep relationship with nature for thousands of years. . Ratnesh has been closely watching the tribes here and we have known the story of the Masai tribe of Tanzania. (Report: Shailesh Shukla / Shatakshi Asthana)

5 thousand years old roots are strong


There are mainly three types of primitive tribes in Tanzania – Masai, Makonday and Manati. When the world has become cruel to nature, running in the name of development, these tribes have been living with archaic methods for the last five thousand years. Not only this, they are used to living in the same environment and environment even today. The main occupation of these groups is the rearing of cows and their economy revolves around this. Even these brave people fight wild animals like wild lions and leopards to protect their cows in the forests. Kill these dreaded animals without any weapon. However, the closure of the market due to the corona virus epidemic has had a significant impact on their work.

Lion hunt by hand

The people of the African Masai tribe are very brave. These people sometimes kill wild lions without a weapon. Many times the Masai warriors starve to snatch the lions from the mouth of the lions. Often in the jungle, the warriors of the Masai tribe keep an eye on the wild lions and when a lion or group of lions hunts a wild buffalo, giraffe, elephant, etc., the Masai warriors drive the lions away and take the morsel of the lions. Go. They divide it in their community.

Were once enemies of each other

These three primitive tribes used to be arch enemies of each other till about 50 years ago. By mistake, if people of one tribe used to go to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčanother tribe, then the enemy would kill them. He even cut the head and hung it on the tallest tree outside his village as a symbol of victory. Because of this, such misconceptions have spread in the outside world about the people of Masai tribe that even fake news has flown on social media. In fact, a video was posted on social media claiming that the Kenyan government has hired Masai people to enforce the Corona virus lockdown so that they can strictly follow it. However, this video later turned out to be fake.

Marriage promise … weaponless, lion hunting

The customs here are also based on bravery. The same men of these tribes give their daughters for marriage, who go to the jungles and kill at least one lion without a weapon. However, nowadays the government is going to their areas and educating them not to kill wild animals in the name of tradition. With this, this practice has been curbed to a large extent. Still for marriage, the boy side gives at least 30 cows as a gift to the girl party. Only then the girl side marries their girl in the boy’s family.

Women’s customs completely different

The women of the Masai tribe cover the lower part of their waist with a cloth but the upper part of the waist remains open. These women spit on each other when they meet their friends. This special way symbolizes showing love and respect in their culture. Not only this, people here spit blessings to newborns as well. Fathers spit on their foreheads in daughters’ marriage. Usually people also shake hands with the front after spitting on their hands.

Graduation happens every 15 years


Masai Moran or Warrior takes part in the Olng’esherr ceremony. Thousands of people attend the ceremony once every 15 years. In addition, young warriors are declared as adult. 3 thousand cattle and 30 thousand goats are brought to this ceremony. Some of these are sacrificed and the rest are eaten as a celebration. In this ceremony, the men wear a red robe and lots of jewels. The ocher is placed on their head before the ceremony. Women also participate vigorously in it. If the Masai are happy with their guests, they give them their wives for one night. He considers it courtesy.

Ratnesh is in Tanzania for 11 years


Ratnesh hails from Varanasi and received a Bachelor of Science in Physics Honors degree from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in the year 2000. Master of Science and Technology in Exploration Geophysics received a post graduation degree from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in the year 2003. Have been working in the oil and gas industry for the past 17 years. As a geologist, Ratnesh works to find geological natural gas and oil in Tanzania.


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