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Donald Trump on Joe Biden & China: Biden is the worst candidate in history; China is eager to win: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has once again targeted Joe Biden over China. Trump said that China and the extreme left are ‘hankering’ for Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election as Democratic Party candidates will ‘hand over’ jobs to China. He called Biden the ‘worst candidate in US history’.

Trump, while addressing an election rally in Pennsylvania after being infected with Kovid-19, targeted his political rival on Tuesday, saying that former vice-president Biden was known to have ‘surrendered’. He said, ‘Biden will cut tariffs on China. He has already said that he will remove the duty on China. Trump said, “One thing about Biden is continuous and that is surrender.” He surrenders, whether it is China or Cuba. How bad was the agreement you made with Cuba? I finished it. ‘

He said, ‘Therefore China and the extreme leftists are eager for Biden’s victory because he will hand over our jobs to China. If this inactive person (Biden) becomes president, then America will be occupied by China. Trump said he would make America the world’s manufacturing superpower in the next four years and end its dependence on China.

‘Worst candidate in US history’
Trump called his presidential rival Joe Biden the ‘worst candidate in America’s history’ and referred to some recent mistakes made by the Democratic leader. There is a tough fight between Republican candidate Trump (74) and Democratic candidate Biden (77). Voting for the presidential election will take place on November 3. Trump said, ‘I am contesting against the worst candidate in the history of the politics of US President and you know what he does? This puts more pressure on me. Can you imagine if you lost to such a person? ‘

Donald Trump reminded how recently Biden forgot the name of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the middle of his speech. The President said, ‘This is unbelievable. What a bad thing this is This is very embarrassing. If he wins, extreme leftists will run the country. He will not run the country. The extreme left will seize power. ‘ “We will win and stay in the White House for four more years,” Trump said.


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