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Outcry in Pakistan for flour, weeping head and crying Pakistanis hungry for three days


  • The effect of skyrocketing prices of wheat in Pakistan is now visible on the price of flour as well.
  • Flour is now being sold in many parts of the country for 75 rupees and is not available after paying money.
  • In Sindh and many other provinces, people have to wait for hours in long lines.

The effect of skyrocketing prices of wheat in Pakistan is now beginning to be seen on the price of flour as well. Flour is now being sold at Rs 75 per kg in many parts of the country. Not only this, even after paying so much money, flour is not getting in shops in Sindh and many other provinces and people have to wait for hours in long lines. After running for three days, a person became so unhappy that he did not get the dough and then started crying.

The opposition parties are going to protest vigorously against the government in Gujranwala after the huge flour in the country. After warning of the opposition’s performance, now the Imran government has come into action. The Imran government on Tuesday approved a comprehensive plan to control the rising inflation and food crisis in the country. Not only this, a camp office has been set up in the office of the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan in this regard.

Prices of wheat in Pakistan are the highest in history, a kg is getting at 60 rupees

Flour sold in Sindh for Rs 75, a roti for Rs 15
The severity of this crisis can be gauged from the fact that for the second consecutive day the meeting of the Pakistani cabinet has been held on inflation and food crisis. On the other hand, the Imran government has now held the government of Sindh responsible for the crisis. There is a government of Pakistan People’s Party in Sindh. The Imran government said that flour in Sindh is being sold at Rs 75 a kg. Not only this, a roti is being sold for 15 rupees in Pakistan.

Pakistanis cried badly after not getting flour
The problem of flour shortage is that a person ran for three days and wept badly when he did not get the flour. In this viral video of this Pakistani man, he told that he has not eaten food for three days. His children are hungry due to lack of flour. He told that I have been running for my children for several days but I am not getting flour. One bread is being available for 14 rupees Where should we poor people go, where to eat. Where should I pay so much money for flour, where to buy medicines. We are ready to eat dry bread too but we are not getting that either.

Please tell that the price of wheat in Pakistan has broken the record. It has reached the highest ever price in history at Rs 2400 per 40 kg i.e. one kg for 60 rupees. With this, there are indications that the government’s efforts to control inflation and provide food security have failed. Last December, the situation in the country started looking very bad when the price of wheat reached Rs 2000 per 40 kg. This record broke in October this year.

Price announcement
The All Pakistan Flour Association has demanded that the governments of the country and the state announce the purchase price of wheat soon as the harvesting season has started in Sindh and will begin in Punjab next month. At the same time, farmers have demanded that the prices of certified seeds be announced and the price of 50 kg bags should also be announced in the next 24 hours.


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