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When will the corona virus vaccine arrive

Oxford University’s corona virus vaccine, which is expected worldwide, is extremely unlikely to be ready before Christmas. Kate Bingham, head of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce, says she expects success by the end of the year but is not guaranteed. Significantly, the trial of Oxford had to be stopped, but these have been resumed. At the same time, the trial of Johnson & Johnson has been stopped recently. This decision was made after a volunteer saw the disease. After this, the trial of Eli Lilly working on antibody medicine was also stopped.

Will be available for common people next year

Kate’s statement comes at a time when Britain’s Chief Scientific Advisor Sir Patrick Wallace said last month that vaccines could be given to people facing a greater risk of infection in the country before 2020 and made it available to the public next year. Will be able to go The vaccine trial was stopped some time ago when a volunteer fell ill, but now it has resumed in most places.

Trial on 30 thousand people


Bingham says the vaccine is likely to arrive before Christmas but much less. In the last phase trial of Oxford’s vaccine. It has been found to be the most effective and safe in the trial so far. Now in addition to Britain, about 30 thousand people are being tried in America, Brazil and South Africa. Scientists will monitor the impact of the vaccine, the amount and safety of antibodies it produces. Volunteers will be monitored for weeks and months after the vaccine is given.

More than one dose needed

Bingham has also stated that it is difficult to be affected by a single dose of vaccine. It is more likely that the first dose will save people from becoming seriously ill or dying. Through this, Kovid-19 can be transformed into flu-like infection. He says that it is more likely that more than one dose will give protection against the virus. He said that the virus is mutating and that it is a virus that is going through the nose into the nervous system.

Expectation from many companies

Bingham has also stated that the vaccine of Pfizer and NBioTech is also in the last stage and its data may also come soon. Apart from these, the UK has also made deals for the vaccines of Valneva, Novavax, Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline and their trials can also be successful. Bingham says that if all goes well, the vaccine may come by the end of this year, but more likely it will be available next year.


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