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You must have seen Bruce Banner aka Hulk in the Avengers series of films. But you probably won’t believe that a person with a strong body like Hulk can be in the real world, but after seeing Craig Golias, you have to trust. Bodybuilder Craig has rejuvenated from the manly-looking youngster to the incredibly muscular man. He is setting an example to other youngsters that their bodybuilding goals can be achieved.

They are called ‘Hulk’

Craig hails from the Ohio province of America, but now lives in Las Vegas. He has gained weight up to 90 kg since 2003 starting bodybuilding. Now their total weight is 160 kg. Greek-American bodybuilder Craig says that people have started calling him ‘Hulk’ after reaching 68 kg of normal body weight of 160 kg. Craig has a length of 6 feet 3 inches.

5 lakh followers on instagram


He started building strong muscles in the gym by making his own exercise equipment. His 5 lakh Instagram followers are amazed to see his incredible stature. However, some online critics accuse Craig of taking steroids. Craig has also never claimed to be a natural athlete.

Now provide help online

Craig reportedly said that he had to work for hours to build his muscular structure. He usually competed in bodybuilding competitions but now helps people reach their fitness goals through online training. The bodybuilder says, “I give online coaching for my livelihood and help the youth to reach their physical goals.”


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