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xi jinping marines war: tensions from america-india, Chinese President Xi Jinping said - army ready for war

In the midst of ongoing tensions with the US and India, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the Guangdong area and arrived at an army base. At the military base Xi Jinping told the Marine soldiers to be prepared for the war and to always be vigilant. He also visited Shantou area which is the home town of many Chinese people living abroad.

According to a South China Morning Post report, Xi Jinping told the Marine soldiers that they were ‘ready to be ready on multiple fronts at once, reacting quickly, fighting all weather and terrain. “You should put your mind and all your energy into preparing for war and always be very alert,” said Xi’s statement published on China’s state-owned TV channel CCTV.

Xi Jinping said, ‘Marine soldiers have many different missions and your demand will be very high. In view of this, you should focus on preparing for war in your training. Also increase your training standards and combat capability. Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping said that the responsibility of the defense of the country’s territory, sovereignty, maritime interests and Chinese interests abroad is on the shoulders of the Marine soldiers.

It is believed that the Chinese President made reference to the claim of Taiwan and South China Sea China in a gesture. The visit comes at a time when tensions in Taiwan Strait are at their peak. At the same time, relations between America and Taiwan are becoming more and more cordial. China has said that it wants to bring Taiwan under its control and if necessary, it can also use the army.

Earlier on Tuesday, China’s Foreign Ministry said that there were reports that the US Congress was reviewing three deals to give Taiwan the most modern weapons. He said that China would give a befitting reply. Spokesperson Zhao Lijin said, “The US should immediately cancel its plan to sell arms to Taiwan and end military relations with it.”


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