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Cancer patient dies of Corona virus infection

Till now it was believed that once infected with the corona virus, antibodies are produced inside a human fighting it. These prevent re-infection and with the help of them, other people can also be protected from infection. However, now in some places cases of Corona patient being reinfected have started coming up. At the same time, a 89-year-old Dutch-origin woman has also died of re-infection. This is believed to be the first such incident.

Did not get negative before
Cancer treatment of the deceased woman was going on. According to reports, he was infected with different strains of the virus at a difference of two months. However, between the two infections, the woman was never found to be negative for the corona virus. In fact, the woman had gone home after the symptoms first ended after a positive test.

Sick after chemotherapy

59 days later, she returned with the same symptoms two days after chemotherapy for cancer. It is believed that his immune system was weakened during the treatment of cancer. Once again she was found positive for Corona and died three weeks later. Doctors who wrote their reports say that different strains of the virus were seen in both their samples. It is therefore claimed that she was reinfected.

Virus re-attacking the patients recovering from corona, showing fatal effects for the second time

Cancer patients are more at risk
Doctors say that the woman was undergoing treatment for a type of blood cancer. There is an abnormality in white blood cells. WBCs are important for the immune system to function properly. They protect against infections such as corona. In chemotherapy for cancer, such blood cells are fought and there is no immune system inside the human body. Because of this people taking chemotherapy have been placed in the high-risk group.

First case of re-infection in America
At the same time, research from the University of Nevada in the US showed that a 25-year-old male was infected with two different variants of the corona virus within 48 days. Her corona report came negative after being first infected with the variant. After which he was discharged from the hospital, but later he was again infected with another variant of Corona. This research says that the second time the patient was infected with the corona virus, his condition was worse than before. Due to this, he was put on oxygen support in the hospital.

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