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allan lichtman 2020 prediction: this man predicting America's election results correctly for 35 years, who will win - allan lichtman has been predicting us election results correctly for 35 years told who will win


  • Everyone is predicting the outcome of the US election, but all eyes are on Alan Lichman
  • Alan Lichman has been accurately predicting the US election since 1984, he is a professor of history
  • Lichman is among those selected experts, correctly predicting all elections since 35 years

Everyone is predicting the outcome of the US presidential election. But, all eyes are on the person who has been predicting this accurately since 1984. His name is Alan Lichman. Professor Lichman of history counts among those select specialists, correctly predicting all US elections since 35 years. This year’s White House race is between incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden.

According to media reports, Lichman has developed a system called ‘The Keys to the White House’ for electoral forecasting. It is also known as the ’13 Keys’ model. He has prepared a model of 13 questions or issues for this. They answer on the basis of right or wrong. Then he predicts the next president. According to this model, if the answers to most of the questions come in the ‘right’, then the incumbent President is elected. If the answer is no, then America gets a new president.

So who will be the winner of 2020

Lichman says that this year he has met 7 questions in his ’13 Keys’ model in ‘No’ and 6 in ‘Yes’. According to him, “After 1992, Donald Trump will be the first President who will not be re-elected President. In 1992, Bill Clinton defeated the then President George HW Bush.

Donald Trump’s fight against Biden
President Trump has started campaigning by recovering from Corona virus infection. During this, he made fun of his rival Joe Biden. He tightened up on Biden because of following the rules of social distancing. Also, claimed their victory on November 3. On the other hand, it is being told that Trump’s rallies can become a stronghold of the corona virus outbreak in America. However, Trump has said, ‘I feel very strong. I will go among the audience. ‘

10 million votes already
About one crore American voters have already voted for the presidential election on November 3. It has been claimed in a study. It is being told that the corona virus epidemic is due to the number of votes falling before the due date. People want to securely vote. According to the University of Florida, as of 16 October 2016, 1.4 million votes were cast.


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