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Asian countries News: Chinese counter-minister upset with Quad

Kuala Lumpur
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi who never tired of making fun of the Quad. Today, they are giving this organization the name of Indo-Pacific NATO. He has alleged that the US is militarizing the region. Which can have fatal consequences. In Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, he said that strategic cooperation between the US, Japan, Australia and India is part of Washington’s efforts to build Indo-Pacific NATO. He warned that this initiative would undermine regional security.

Wang Yi has been making fun of the first quad
Wang Yi has always made fun of Quad before. He had earlier said that Quad is an idea thrown in the garbage. This idea will end on its own like sea foam. However, in the second meeting of this organization, China’s senses are blown by the positive attitude of the member countries. The Chinese media is also saying various kinds of inflammatory things about the Quad.

South China Sea should not become a battleground
On the question of the ongoing deadlock in the South China Sea, he said that the region should not be a battleground between the world’s major powers. Other countries should also avoid demonstrating power with warships. He also urged ASEAN countries to stay away from external disruptions and negotiate maritime boundary sharing.

China will give vaccine to Malaysia on priority basis
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who embarked on a four-day visit to ASEAN countries, also announced increased cooperation between the two countries after talks with his Malaysian counterpart Hishamuddin Hussain. He said that both countries are making new plans to deal with the corona virus epidemic. China has already listed Malaysia as the primary recipient of all four Corona virus vaccines. In such a situation, if any Chinese corona virus vaccine is declared successful, then it will be given to Malaysia first.

‘All barked, but nobody bitten’ Chinese media tightened up on the quad meeting

Know what is quad
The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) started in 2007. However, it started in the year 2004–2005 when India extended a helping hand in the aftermath of the tsunami that hit many countries in Southeast Asia. Four countries in the Quad include the United States, Japan, Australia and India. In March, the Quad also had a meeting regarding the corona virus. For the first time in this, New Zealand, D. Korea and Vietnam also joined.

US Secretary of State Pompeo lashed out at China at Quad’s meeting, told threat to the world

China is protesting
Ever since the formation of this group, China has been irritated and is continuously opposing it. In the midst of military tension in Ladakh, China’s official newspaper Global Times continues to threaten India. At the same time, the edict is that India should stay away from the Quad and follow its policy of non-alignment.


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